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Partner Visas

We specialize in Partner Visas in Australia for eligible partners and spouses of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Global Talents

Highly skilled professionals from across the glove can work and live in Australia with Global Talent Visa.

Employer Visas

We specialise in Employer Sponsored Visas to help make immigration to Australia easy and convenient for skilled workers.

Skilled Visas

Skilled visas can help you get a job in Australia based on your valuable skills and allow you to live permanently here.

Visa Cancellations

If your current visa has been cancelled or a visa application has been refused you or your sponsor may be eligible to lodge are view with the Administrative

Business Visas

A business visa is one of the best ways to expand your business in another country like Australia where there are immense possibilities.


Successful Migration To Australia Starts With Us

Successful Migration to Australia starts with us. MY Legal Services and Migration is dedicated to helping people migrate to Australia committed to making a great contribution to the country. We offer sound advice and assistance to make the process of migration seamless. Migrating to Australia is not easy, especially in today’s time. Even if you are qualified in every sense, sometimes, that may not be enough. In that case, you need someone who has over 17 years of solid experience in immigration. We specialize in various types of migration cases, such as skilled migration, business migration, employer nomination, family sponsorship, special eligibility, student applications and temporary visas.

You will be assisted by some of the finest lawyers in the country and represented by the Principal of MY Legal Services and Migration, Maryann Young. Over the years, we have helped people migrate successfully to Australia with the correct representation. However, knowing how the system works is as important as how valuable a person will be to Australia when it comes to a successful migration.
We aim to identify the true potential and help them migrate to Australia with credibility and the right representation.
Our Experience

MY Legal Services and Migration was formed with an aim to provide reliable advice and customized migration services to people who wish to migrate to Australia.


Why We Are Different From Other Australian Immigration Lawyers?


As a lawyer, Maryann understands the legislation and gets it right. As a registered immigration lawyer and Australian immigration lawyer, she is accountable and operates a strict code of conduct and risk management guidelines.


She also worked in litigation with the department of immigration.


As an Ex-immigration Lawyer Registration Authority (MARA) employee, Maryann has lectured and worked in registration and professional standards. This means she has seen how the industry operates. MY Legal Services and Migration has been set up in order to model the best and avoid the worst-case practices. Maryann operates ethically and professionally.


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Benefits With Us

MY Legal Services and Migration offers tailored-made services that meet our client’s specific needs and ensure fast and convenient migration to Australia for work and better life.

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Why Choose Us

MY Legal Services and Migration provides professional and expert advice across a range of visa subclasses. In particular, we are here to navigate the complexities of Australian immigration law. It can be difficult to select the appropriate pathway that is best suited for your circumstances. Maryann is an experienced immigration lawyer who has worked for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection(Department of Home Affairs) and the immigration lawyer Registration Authority (MARA). She can guide you through the process to maximise your chances of a successful outcome.
For over 17 years, Maryann has successfully advised working visa applicants to migrate to Australia. Work with us to maximise your chances of immigration to Australia. We make migration to Australia seamless with our exceptional representation skills.

Traps To Avoid

The good and bad news is that some immigration lawyers are good, and some are bad! In order to prevent a bad (and potentially very costly) experience, watch out for immigration lawyers who:

Don’t understand the legislation / regulations / policy / case law and their interrelationships.
Are not up to date with the latest changes;

Charge too much (hidden costs);

Are non-communicative and hard to contact after you have paid your deposit;

Are not up to date with the latest changes;

Over-promise results;

Are not professional.



Apr 12, 2021

Sponsored Visas

Employer-sponsored visas, Australia, allows employers in the country to sponsor specific kinds of labor to serve their job/business needs.
Apr 12, 2021

Work Visas

Nurses with vital skills & abilities have been in large request in Australia for a long time. The rising number of elderly people in Australia
apr 12 10:30 am
Refusal in austrelia
While applying for Visa, the major concern everyone has is the rejection of a visa. In order to apprehend the reasons for the rejection of a visa, one needs to learn about visa eligibility.
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