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Skilled visas can help you get a job in Australia based
on your valuable skills and allow you to live permanently here.

Why Do You Skilled Visas In Australia ?

Skilled visas can open new opportunities in Australia if your skills are valuable for the country. Mostly, skilled visas are offered to people who have valuable skills needed in Australia and have shown exceptional contribution and commitment. It is for people, including the citizens of New Zealand, who have been invited to work in Australia. The visa allows a person to work and live permanently in Australia. If you have the skills and talents useful in Australia, we can help you with immigration with proper representation of your skills, abilities, and commitment to the cause.

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Skilled Visas

There are different types of skilled visas in Australia for people who have the right qualification. You can apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), for which you don’t have a sponsor or nominator, but you must be invited to apply. With this visa, you can work and live permanently in Australia. The Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) for the New Zealand stream is for citizens of New Zealand who are eligible, have contributed and shown commitment to Australia. Under this visa, a person can work and live permanently in Australia. If your occupation is not on the list of eligible occupations for the subclass 189 visa, you may want to consider the skilled nominated visa subclass 190. Each state nominated occupations they have determined to be of value to that state and will sponsor skilled workers to live and work in that state.
The individual is also awarded an extra 5 points for the nomination. Another option to consider is the Skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 491. This is a temporary residence visa. The applicant is either nominated by a state to live and work in the regional areas or an eligible relative. The visa is granted for five years, but the applicant can apply for permanent residency (subclass 191) after living and working in the designated regional area for three years and earning a taxable income above a specific threshold.

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MY Legal Services and Migration offers immigration services for skilled visas. We have been helping the right people get skilled visas based on their merits and commitments. You will be represented by an expert team, including the Principal of MY Legal Services and Migration, Maryann Young. With experience working with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), our skilled lawyer will make your immigration to Australia convenient and hassle-free.

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