Must-Know Facts About Partner Visa Australia: Visa-Approval 101

If you have the skills and experience to work in Australia, you would surely want to bring on-board your partner. This could surely be done with the help of the Australian Partner Visa that allows the partner/spouse of someone with Australian citizenship or PR to live in the Australian country.

In order to be eligible for a partner visa, Australia, the applicants should be married legally to each other or must have a common-law in terms of a legally defined relationship. Additionally, even same-sex partners can file for a partner visa.

Several couples tend to file for an Australian Partner Visa in order to live in the same country as opposed to indulging in a tiring long-distance relationship.

Keep in mind that applying for a partner visa, business visa in Australia, or for that matter, any other visa could be a time-consuming and complex process. Under the guidelines set for the Partner visa, Australia, the applicant needs to be sponsored by their Australian partner for a minimum of 2 years. In order to apply for this visa, your relationship must be continuing and genuine. You can then easily apply for the permanency of the partner visa.

Apart from this, here is everything you need to know about your Australian partner visa.

1-Relationship duration and commitment are important:

There are several individuals who commit visa fraud just in order to get their Australian partner visa approved. However, the team for the background check is very strict, and the assessment done is completely A to Z. This means, as you apply for the partner visa, there is a need to provide proper evidence that you have been invested in a committed and long-term relationship with the partner you wish to bring over to Australia.

2-De-Facto Relationships:

Now, the partner visa isn’t just meant for the ones that are married, but also for the ones that are in a long-term relationship but aren’t married yet. This is true for both same-sex partners as well as the opposite sex partners.

In case this is what you have invested into, and your relationship comes under the de-facto category, you will be required to provide proof that the relationship is subsisting and genuine. You need to have lived with each other for a minimum of one year & the visa approval team might require you to provide evidence of the relationship.

The list of approved evidence for a de-facto relationship includes:

3-Marital Status of You & Your Partner:

As per the Australian laws, one cannot marry their partner until the other is legally married to someone else. However, what you might be eligible for is a de-facto relationship. This is valid only if one or the other partner has separated legally from their partner they were previously married to.

You must submit the partner visa only if you can prove the fact that the previous marriages you have indulged in have ended. You would also have to provide the evidence stating that you have started living separately & there aren’t any characteristics of marriage remains.

4-Processing Time for Partner Visa:

The Australian partner visa can be time-consuming & various applications will come with various processing times. In general, the overall processing time has been listed below:

Regardless of the visa-type, you apply for, be it skilled visa Australia or any other visa, the time period varies from one application to another depending on the complexity involved.

What can you do with the Partner Visa, Australia?


When applying for the Partner Visa, Australia, make sure you arrange all the necessary documents, including a passport, birth certificate, National Identity Card, and/or proof for a name change. In case you are married to your partner, you might have to provide a marriage certificate. Additionally, you need to be true in your application and make sure all you put in is verified completely.

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