Key Pointers To Follow For Nurses Work Visas Australia Approval

Nurses with vital skills & abilities have been in large request in Australia for a long time. The rising number of elderly people in Australia is placing existing healthcare systems under tremendous pressure to increase the availability of health coverage in the fields of health care & maternity facilities. With nurses’ work visas, Australia, you can dedicate your skills to the help of patients.

Australia provides excellent opportunities for seasoned & properly trained nurses & midwives. The spectrum of functions is immense because of its immensity of the world, its environment, ecology & population.

There are nearly 3 million nurses in Australia. 2/3rd of the nurses are working for the government. Shift patterns are between eight & twelve hours apart. Holidays range from 4 to 5 weeks each year. The statutory period of maternity leave shall be 6 months paid leave.

But if you’re a globally trained nurse or nurse practitioner & are considering practicing in Australia, you must first be licensed with the AHPRA & examined by the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council to meet the mandatory accreditation requirements.

Once you’re a certified nurse, you can qualify for one of the visas mentioned below to pursue permanent or temporary employment opportunities in Australia.

Employer Nomination Program

If you are 50 years old, have 3 years of applicable expertise & meet the criteria for skills, education & English language, unless you are exempted, you will be qualified for a nurses’ work visa Australia under this program.

This visa is intended for Australian businessmen who wish to fill their business skills void by supporting a foreign professional worker.

Regional Scheme for Funded Migration

You could be valid for this visa when you’re under fifty years of age & have been appointed to serve in a regional Australia by an authorized Australian employer (i.e., excluding Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Newcastle, or Wollongong),

Common Skilled Migration

This choice will require you to pass on the evaluation of expertise in your profession & to obtain an invitation via SkillSelect.

Most nurses qualify for a Professional Autonomous Subclass 189 visa. This is when you are not funded by a state/territorial government or a parent & need at least sixty points to be admitted to the specialist migration point exam.

Many that have weaker levels of English and who are elderly will not be able to reach sixty points individually. In this situation, many suggest either a state appointment or family patronage.

If funded by a Provincial or Territorial Government, this earns you an additional five to ten points & gives you a greater priority in skill selection. Nurses are in competition in most countries & territories.

Family funding is only available if you have an Australian national or a person living in a specified area. In this scenario, you will request a Qualified Regional Subclass 489 visa, & family support would grant you an additional ten points.

Skilled Independent

If you do not have a sponsorship or choose not to be sponsored, you should request this visa. However, you are expected to send an indication of interest & to receive a message of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs to qualify for this visa.

In order to be qualified for this visa, you have to complete a Point Test that is tested on various criteria, such as your English language skills, age, related job experience & occupation.

Visa for Working Holiday

If you want to enjoy holidays & work at the same time on the land below, these visas allow you to remain in Australia for twelve months. During this time, you may work in a hospital for any employee for a period of three months.

However, you should be at least eighteen years old & less than thirty-one years of age to be qualified for this visa. In addition, you should have a passport from a qualifying country & no minor child can follow you throughout your tenure in Australia. If you want to apply for this nurse’s work visa in Australia, then Oasis Migration can surely help you out.

Skill Matching Visa

The aim of this visa is to fill the regional skills gap in Australia by enabling qualified migrants to reside in areas of the nation & to add to their abilities & skills. You are expected to fulfill certain age, qualifications & English language proficiency requirements to apply for this visa.

While the above visa opportunities open up fantastic career avenues for skilled overseas employees in Australia, some who lack the basic technical expertise & realistic skills needed to work as a registered nurse should take part in the IRON scheme.

English Requirement

AHPRA would ask you to prove that you fulfill certain English language specifications.

This will also involve the completion of an exam in English. AHPRA allows OET, IELTS, PTE Technical, & TOEFL iBT. It is important to use two separate evaluation sessions to fulfill the English requirements-within six months of one another. The findings of the test are applicable for two years

Exemptions from English exams shall occur if the original qualifications, training, or tertiary qualifications have been achieved in some English-speaking nations. For nurses’ work visas, in Australia, English speaking is a must.


When applying for Nurses work visa, Australia, please ensure you prepare the required documentation, birth certificate, including passport, National Identification Card, & proof of new passport. If you’re engaged to your partner, you may like a legal document. In addition, you need to be true to your submission to make sure that everything you put in is fully checked.

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