Top Reasons For Visa Refusal In Australia & How To Avoid Them!

While applying for Visa, the major concern everyone has is the rejection of a visa. In order to apprehend the reasons for the rejection of a visa, one needs to learn about visa eligibility. The legislation of a country & the eligibility plays a highly crucial role in the reasons for visa refusals, Australia.

There is nothing sicker than spending lots of money, time, & effort filing a visa application for Australia, just to see it being refused. Lately, the Australian Government has embraced a tougher approach to sanctioning visas & the Department of Immigration & Border Protection checks every single application.

Checks are done to ensure that the evidence provided is correct for the specific visa. In case it stays below in any way, then the chance is that the visa application will be rejected.  

As we got to know from above, Australia has very rigid laws & policies in place with regard to sanctioning visa applications. Now it is time to know about the reasons behind visa refusals & what you must do to avoid them.

1-Health Requirement Failure

The health requirement of an Australian visa is a critical need to pass. Unfortunately, this means many applicants with previous health conditions have their visas rejected.

The reason the Australian government has this necessity in place is, so migrants don’t become an imposition on their health system by having the means of Australian citizens. As bitter as this might seem, it is a necessity that immigrants pass a health examination with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, & Hepatitis being the major conditions that are being checked.

In very special & limited scenarios, a health waiver might be provided by the Australian government, but it’s best to hire a professional immigration lawyer to file for the health waiver as they recognize when a health waiver might be available & it will as well better your odds of success.

2-Incomplete form of application

The information you have given in the application form might have a great impact on the outcome of the application. Check the entire information twice or thrice that you’ve provided in the documents.

Moreover, avoid leaving gaps! Providing wrong, false & misleading information might not only result in refusal but also will have you withheld of an appeal. That’s why you must fill out your application form with accuracy & care.

3-Damaged or Invalid Passport

In case you submit a passport that is not in good shape, damaged, torn, or pages are missing, then there’s a high possibility that your visa might get refused by the Embassy. The Passport is the most important thing & you must be extremely careful with it before applying for a visa. Make sure your passport is legitimate for at least 6 months with a minimum of 2 blank pages.

4-Lack of Expert Help

As the Australian migration law is complex & ever-changing, it is not wise to submit an application without an expert’s help. Not just the visa experts turn your visa application method as convenient as possible but also stop your visa application from getting rejected. It is a full-proof method of securing oneself from the rejection of a visa.

5-Shortage in Proof of Financial Support

The applicants need to live up to the Department of Home Affairs by supplying enough reports of financial stability. It is one of the main reasons for visa refusals, Australia. Proofs of financial support can be either from the native country or from a known individual who has an Australian visa.

6-Improper ties in the native country

A lot of applications face refusal because the applicants are unable to prove their connections to the country’s household.

For instance, obvious connections allude to the jobs & property. You should include duplicates of lease agreements to estate or contracts that recognize you as a permanent staff member, your in-depth employment letters & the duration of your employment, your in-depth role at the company, & when you ought to revert to your employment.

7-Past Criminal Histories

It doesn’t matter how minor your criminal history is; applicants at particular times face visa refusal even for the slightest incidents based on how you expose them in your visa application.

Provided a criminal conviction in your native country or any other country you have been an inhabitant of is a crucial factor that might hinder your dream to go to Australia. It is every time better to be truthful about your record.

A clean criminal history proofs that you’re not a peril to the public guideline or to the public safety of the foreign land.


Hopefully, these above points helped you understand more about Australian visa refusal. A visa refusal will carry on your migration record & might prevent the Department from permitting you another visa – so it’s important that you do it right on your first try. However, in case you have already got a visa refusal, then all doors are not shut, you might be eligible to recourse at the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

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