Global Talents

Highly skilled professionals from across the glove
can work and live in Australia with a Global Talent Visa.

What Is Global Talent Visas?

The Global Talent Visa Program offers a chance to highly skilled professionals to work and live in Australia permanently. It is a direct pathway for skilled workers to contribute to Australia and get permanent residency. Australia is looking for the best talents around the globe who can contribute via their skills, innovation and creativity. The program is designed to take Australia's innovation and technology to the next big level. You are eligible for the Global Talent Visa if you possess the talent.


Get Global Talent Visa
Global Talents includes visa programs for highly skilled individuals with internationally recognized achievements who will make an invaluable contribution to Australia. They can apply individually or get sponsored by their Australian employers.


Global Talent Visa Program
This visa program is designed to attract talented people with business and technical skills in 7 target industry sectors in Australia and contribute to Australia's economy through innovation.


Target Sectors


What Are The Examples Of Compelling Reasons For Waiving Schedule 3?
The Department of Home Affairs will assess your individual circumstances and evaluate whether to waive Schedule 3 criteria. They will take into account the individual's circumstances and another person, such as the Australian citizen partner or child. Some examples of compelling reasons for the waiver of Schedule 3 criteria are as follows:

Global Talent Employer Sponsored Program

Supporting Innovation In South Australia

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MY Legal Services and Migration specialize in Australia's Global Talents visa program. If you have the skills and qualifications, we have the expertise and experience in helping people get visas to work and live in Australia. You will be represented by a highly qualified lawyer who has also worked with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

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